Top 7 Freemi­um PDF Edi­tors for Win­dows 10

PDF Edi­tors A majority of office-going folks are looking for tips to be productive while working from home. While you can create a close to perfect office environment at home, you might not have access to some of the essential hardware such as a printer or scanner at home. And here is where software solutions chime in. With a digital scanner and PDF editors, you can create, edit, and scan documents on the go.
In this post, we are going to talk about the top seven PDF editors for Windows 10.

PDF Edi­tors

The Windows OS does come with a capable PDF viewer with the Microsoft Edge browser, but it’s limited to rotating and basic doodling. Most PDF editors come with the free version as well as a paid one. We will list out the apps in terms of features, price, sharing/export options, and more. Let’s get started.


PDFelement is a must-have for power users. Upon downloading the software, the app will take you to the home page. And, it has one of the best UI for a PDF Editor. The app’s interface is quite straightforward which makes it easy to for people to get started. By default, you can choose from the diverse options including edit PDF, create PDF, batch process, convert PDF, and PDF templates. Tap on the edit PDF and import the PDF from the PC.


One of the best things about Soda PDF is, you don’t need to download and install the software on the PC to use. One can opt for a more than capable web version to edit and create PDFs. If you want to make a few edits on the go, then you can use the web version to make changes and export the file.

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Talking about PDFs and we forget about an offering from Adobe? Not a chance. The company offers Adobe Acrobat Pro software which is preferable if you are living in an Adobe ecosystem of creative apps.


Small PDF is one of the solid PDF editors out there. I like its web version. From the homepage, you can edit a PDF, convert it to other formats, eSign a PDF, split a PDF, and more. No need to go through hundreds of options to get things done.


FormSwift is another simple web-based free PDF editor to make changes on the go. You can navigate to the edit menu on the web and import a PDF file to add changes. If you are someone tight on the budget, then go for FormSwift.


Sejda is my favorite online-based PDF editor. The whole interface imitates a normal website and it offers all the necessary editing options right on the home screen.

The editing features include the usual text, link, highlighter, signature, shapes, and more. I like the form menu here. It lets you add quick checkmarks (that are usually required to fill-in form) and interactive fields. A well-thought addition from the company.

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Foxit is more geared towards enterprise users than normal consumers. The UI is resembling old Microsoft Office apps and it looked quite busy to me.

The app is full features though. You can edit with different fonts, sizes, weblinks, create a bookmark, check spelling, search and replace, and even annotate an image before adding it to the PDF.


As you can see from the list above, all the Windows 10 PDF editors are capable options to edit PDFs easily at home or on the go. If you are in a hurry, then go with the web-based ones. If you are already invested in Adobe cloud, then Acrobat Pro is a suitable option for you. And for power users, I would advise them to check out the remaining PDF editors with 14 days of trial.