Replacing and Repairing Your Sash Windows

Homeowners are faced with all sorts of repairs and expenses over the life-span of their home. Windows are one of those things that have a definite lifespan, so being aware of the signs will help you to determine when replacement is necessary. Sometimes rather than total replacement you can get away with repairs instead, which of course can be more budget-friendly. If you happen to have sash windows then there are several factors to keep in mind.

Signs it's Time to Replace the Windows

– Cracks in the window

-Cracks in the sill

– The sill / frame is starting to come away from the wall

– You can feel a draft

– They are hard to operate

– You are noticing more noise coming in from the outdoors

Window Repairs

When it comes to sash window repairs in Regional Areas, this is a fairly common undertaking. It's fairly common that over time your sash window starts to develop wear and tear, but this does not necessarily mean your window needs to be replaced. Instead it could just be that you need some refurbishment and repairs did to the window and / or sill. Another common repair is sash cord replacement, in Regional Areas. Again this is reliably common and quite budget-friendly.

Where this is more common is in the period homes, since sash windows started being used in the 17th century. Over time the way the windows have been made has been improved upon, as have the materials that were used. That means the older styles are typically in need of repairs and updating.

It's not just about how the window looks; doing these repairs also helps with how the windows work and their ability to keep the air from escaping. Because these period windows are so delicate and accurate, it's best to have it done by a professional as this is not a DIY project.

Sash Windows – the Real Energy Savers

So what is the big deal when it comes to sash windows? Well they actually are known for helping with energy retention in your home. This means you can save a whole lot on your electric bill. They have been shown to offer excellent heat retention if they are up-to-date and fitted properly.

Double glazed sash windows in Regional Areas are quite popular, but you may also want to discuss the triple glazed option. With this option you will be getting even better heat retention. Not only that but they help to cut down on noise getting into the home or building from the outdoors. This can be quite helpful if you are on a busy street.

Source by Mark Orton